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Locating our dears

We are providing a mobile application based on LBS (Location Based Services) using GPS (Global Positioning System) as a location provider. The main objective of our project is helping our users to locate their friends and family members and receive alerts when their friends are nearby.

LBS are the mobile services in which the user location information is used to provide their service. The user location information consists of X-Y coordinates.

The GPS is the most efficient positioning technique. It was developed mainly to be used in navigation systems. Because of the reduction in the size of the GPS receivers and because of the integration of GPS with some mobiles; GPS became one of the most important service providers in the LBS.

GPS does not work indoor. This problem was solved by always storing the last location updated by the application.

There are not many projects that are carried out in the LBS field. This is because this type of application was somehow exclusive for mobile service providers because they use mobile cells information to get the location of the mobile and then provide a service to get it. But the introduction of GPS in this field will make designing and implementing LBS services open to researchers all over the world.