Resources and Clients are God of Business
Providing our Great Service to them is our Goal.

Bals Technology value...!

  • Mr.Bala Murugan is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bals Technology. He is the man behind the development of our Bals Tech.
  • Being innovative is the key for the success for our company globally. Bals Technology changes the ideas into technologies.
  • Bals Tech has been rooted in India on 2009 operations globally over the world. We are dedicated fully to our clients and trusty and dedicated to work for their success. We value our customer and keep a trusty relationship with them. Clients and employees are the god of our business.
  • Bals Tech’s development showing that it will be the leader of IT industries. Our services span over all major industries including financial services, healthcare, automotive, telecommunications and education, among others.
  • We handle the challenging needs of the clients and transform them to new technology by our hard work.
  • Forthcoming will be the era of Bals Technology and you can find a Bals Technology component in the things you use. Bals Technology will be the choice of the peoples for their successful needs.

SOA Services

This is definitely "SOA in the small." And it doesn't even goes into the aspects of organizational governance. Nevertheless, it prepares the framework for departments to participate in the larger SOA initiatives that are already in inception across the whole organization.