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Precast Management

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Pre cast management software is used for estimation (pricing), production planning, control of hours and materials spent, transport planning, erection planning, productivity overviews, quantity proofs, invoicing and manages and monitors drawing and element delivery dates and production and erection dates.

Use of the software in companies ensures practicability, robustness and quality. Based on the knowledge of its users, the software keeps growing with their requirements. Software is based client server application. It is modular software that allows its user to use only he parts he or she needs.


  • Savings in time
  • Improved Organisation
  • Greater transparency
  • Fewer failures
  • Easy supervision of dates
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased costs
  • More profits

This software delivers information on a key click about

  • Projects which earn/lose money
  • Products which earn/cost money
  • Failures in estimation
  • Failures in production/erection
  • Sales value of parts in stockv
  • Productivity
  • Project status(% produced, erected, invoiced)
  • Monthly company results (turnover, profit, etc.)
  • Estimation
  • Production planning
  • Project management
  • Follow up Analysis
  • Invoicing

Bals Technology Precast management uses quantities take off as an initial integrated step of the price calculation. The MS-excel like user interface enables easy and quick use of the system. To help users the software comes with predefined data (geometry and time curves) for the most common elements like beams etc.It is easy to modify these data to the individual needs of any plant. If a project becomes a contract, a final A-estimation must be performed, introducing the negotiation results and fixing all sale prices for invoicing.

Production Planning

Planning Board is the main tool for the planning. For rough planning, items from the A-estimation can be used. Fine planning is developed from the results of labour estimation based on final element drawings. Assignment of elements to moulds is drag and drop. Daily hours required for different production steps and materials used are automatically updated after a drop has been completed. Hollow Core Detailing was created as a cheap and easy way to use detailing tool. As a consequence, planning can be done with accordingly grouped elements.

Project management

Project centre is the most important planning tool for the project engineers. It mainly consists of the prefab element list with all dimensions, weights, production date, dates for drawing and element delivery. Project centre also contains all related general arrangement drawing data including the elements belonging to these drawings.


The requirements for proper invoicing depend on the type of the underlying contract. This supports you by automatic generation of quantity proofs.