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Matrimony Website

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At present scenario, we are living in IT (Information Technologies) age. This is compulsion for everyone to use the IT services to get up-to-date, Internet is one of them. Internet services are good for us because they provide the opportunities to collect any type of information in very short time. There are a lot of websites are present on the Internet the work of developing of websites are going on to fulfil your requirements.

Therefore the project I am developing is a matrimonial website which helps people those who want to get married. Nowadays everyone is very busy to improve his life style and don’t have time to go anywhere to collect information about the suitable match for himself/herself and for the relatives and friends. Our project is a web based marriage introduction service.By preventing free searches by non members,our project is further securing the privacy of its members and insuring that only people interested in marriage contact the members. We blend the sanctity of traditionally arranged marriages with the interactivity of Internet technologies. We fulfil the needs of today's eligible singles whom searching for convenient and effective ways to meet with prospective partners. This website covers every aspect of matrimonial website have, Such as Bride can search for Groom and Groom can search for Bride.

There are several advantages of computerizing this project such as:

  • All the information would be stored at a central location.
  • This will reduce the load of newspapers and Bio-data.
  • Now it is easy for the people to find the suitable match according to their interest from any part of the world from a single place.

Now the Parents could easily find the prospective life partner from the website according to their interest.

Modules of project
  1. Quick Search Module
    In this module every person who visits the site can easily search their life partner. They no need to create the user name.
  2. New User Module
      This module have lots of work. These are following :
    1. Create the user name to fill the account information.
    2. User creates the Personal Profile.
    3. User creates the Family Profile.
    4. User creates the Religion Profile.
    5. User creates the Life Partner Profile.
    6. User Uploads the Photo/Album.
  3. Search Module
      In this module only user searches the life partner according to their own requirement. User can search their life partner in lot of ways. These are following :
    1. User searches the life partner according to Age.
    2. User searches the life partner according to City.
    3. User searches the life partner according to Height.
    4. User searches the life partner according to Community.
    5. User searches the life partner according to Religion/Cast.
    6. User searches the life partner according to Marital Status.
    7. User searches the life partner with Photo/Album.
  4. Communication Module
    In this module only user can communicate with the particular person to whom they selected. She/he can able to send and receive messages. This user mail box is not public. Only authorized persons can read/write the message.